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Release Process for a Criminal Cleared of Charges

Setting: Present day/Riker's Island NYC, NY.

In a nutshell: Suspect is arrested and put in jail because they have reason to believe that he's guilty of a theft. But he has not been officially convicted/had a trial. Before it comes to trial, new evidences comes up to prove that he's innocent of the crime--and someone else is arrested for the crime. How long would it likely take between the discovery of the new evidence, and the release of the (cleared) suspect from jail? This is all assuming it becomes quite obvious, due to the new evidence, that the suspect is not guilty.

I've Googled everything I can think of along the lines of "prison release process," and "acquittal," 'n such, and read up on what I could find about the actual release process when someone comes to pick the prisoner up. But I really need to know the process/time frame for getting a prisoner officially cleared so that they can be released--and my Google-fu has failed me utterly. *headdesk* 
Also, as a side-note: any info anyone might have on the North Infirmary Command at Rikers would be appreciated. I've Googled enough to know the basics, but I'm having trouble finding anything specific about actually visiting someone who's in the infirmary. The suspect is going to be stabbed and in the infirmary right before being released and I'm trying to work out the logistics of how a visit there would look (the suspect is under protective custody--so I'm assuming he'd be in one of the "dorm" type rooms for his own safety instead of in with the gen pop). 
Help? :3
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: government: prison, usa: new york: new york city

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