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11 Century Men's Hairstyles

Setting: Early 11th Century England
Tried: Googling "hairstyles" and various combinations of "11th century" and "1000AD" eventually "high Middle Ages." Image-searching notable names from the time. I was able to find some information with the latter two searches, but it looks there was a lot of change in style throughout the high middle ages (which isn't really surprising), and I still don't know what my characters would be doing at this time.

How are noblemen (in their late twenties) at this time going to wear their hair? I've gathered that it will probably be long, but how long? Would it be prudent of them to pull it back, and if they did, how would they do so? (Which is to say, where on their heads would they tie it off, and what would they use to do so?) Are they going to have beards? If so, would they be long, short, in any particular style, etc?

Thank you!
Tags: 1000-1099, uk: history: middle ages, ~hygiene & grooming

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