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Fatal car crash injuries to order

I tried to google using various permutations of "fatal car injuries".

The story takes place in Northern Surrey, England. The year is 2002.

There is a fatal car crash. The husband dies instantly. The wife is critically injured presumed dying. The wife is driving (if needed I can rework it so the husband is driving). She’s a thin 32 year old housewife with no known health problems.

For story reasons she needs to live 3 to 4 days, possibly a little longer. The injuries have to be so severe that everyone knows she’s dying, it’s just a matter of when. She can’t be able to answer questions. This could be because she’s unconscious or drugged on painkillers. It can’t be a “pull the plug” scenario. The person available to make that decision would do it too quickly. She needs to die due to her injuries.

What would her injuries be in order to follow this scenario? What would the final cause of death be?

What kind of crash would cause those injuries?


Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries to order

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