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Does being insensitive to pain affect sexual function?

Setting is modern-day Japan.

I've tried searching for "CIPA sex" (lots of stuff about keeping kids away from porn, whoops), "congenital insensitivity to pain sex", "congenital insensitivity to pain +sex"... you get the idea. Mostly results about that one episode of House with the CIPA girl.

...I also distinctly remember a lack of sex-related information from the last time I obsessively researched CIPA, but I wasn't really looking at the time.

Basically... I need to know if, or how, CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis) would affect sex.

I'm dealing with two characters who have been genetically engineered to not feel pain. They probably don't exactly have CIPA, but they do have the inability to regulate temperature as well as the inability to feel pain, and... well, what they do have doesn't really exist.

In canon, these two characters try to rape a third character. I've somehow gotten it into my mind that I need to write a fic where they successfully rape that third character. (Not as an erotic thing by any means, but to explore the consequences, if the characters in question could really do something so inhumane to a complete stranger... etc.)

So I need to know - would they even be able to feel pleasure, or anything from intercourse? Would they be able to get erections, ejaculate... carry through with the entire act, or would they have to give up in the middle?

Canon visually indicates whether or not a character is a virgin, and the reason these two characters even want to rape someone is to lose that indicator and make the third character an "adult" by taking hers, so having them use objects or other means to degrade the third character isn't an option.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~sex, ~sexual abuse & assault

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