Seth Gordon (sethg_prime) wrote in little_details,
Seth Gordon

African-American morning hair-care regimen

Setting: Boston area, present day

My viewpoint character is an African-American woman, a grad student in the sciences. When she gets up the morning after her wedding, she wants to look nice for her beloved, but she doesn’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time doing so. So she goes to the bathroom, looks in the mirror at the hair she’s spent eleven hours sleeping on, and... ?

Googling things like “african-american hair care morning” turned up links to a great deal of information, but not very much of it is on point, since
  1. there seems to be a lot more about what to do with Black hair at night than the following morning
  2. there are a variety of possible styles and I’m not sure which ones would be appropriate for my character (would she wear dreadlocks because they’re low-maintenance, or would she straighten her hair to look “professional”?)
  3. if she had her hair styled for the wedding, that introduces another complication

Tags: usa (misc), ~hygiene & grooming

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