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1932 treatment for septic abortion, London

I have a 22 year old lady who got an abortion (illegally, some dubious doctor did it) on a Friday in London in 1932, and has now collapsed at work on the Monday with a really nasty case of septic shock. The ambulance has taken her to the local (large London) hospital. She has a high fever, is losing blood, is nearly unconscious and in extreme pain. She's going to die.

Being 1932, I know they don't have access to penicillan or even Sulpha drugs. So what methods would they have used to try and save her? Would they try for an operation - a hysterectomy or a D&C? Or would it be morphine for the pain and something for the fever and hope for the best?

Searches done: "Septic Abortion", "Septic abortion 1932", +"Septic abortion" +treatment +1930s, lots of checks on Septicemia, puerperal fever, etc and treatment anywhere from 1920 to 1940, but while I've found lots of "yes, there was abortion and women died from it", I can't find what they'd do once a "red blanket case" came into the hospital.
Tags: 1930-1939, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: reproduction, ~medicine: septic shock

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