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Skirts in 1980.

Setting: Toronto, 1980 (the year, not the decade).
Search strings:
Little Details: clothing
Google: "1980 clothing for teenagers", "1980 clothing", "1980 fashion for teenagers", "1980 clothing for teenagers" AND skirts, "1980 skirts", --- searched websites and google images

So I'm trying to look for some kind of information concerning skirts that were in use in the year 1980. So if some trends from earlier still were being used, that works. I was hoping to work with a mini skirt, but by the sounds of it, mini skirts didn't really become popular until the later half of the decade. Were denim skirts popular at this time? Were any fashions from 1979 still in use? And, of course, I'm trying to make it a choice that a teenager would pick out. Mind you, what would a girl wear with a skirt during the winter? Were stockings popular or socks? I'm fairly sure leg warmers are out of the question, at least for another few years.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Edit Wow, I'm amazed by the feedback. Thank you for everyone who's helped, I now know what I need to work with as far as choosing a skirt is concerned. And for the socks/tights debate. LOL Thank you very much!
Tags: 1980-1989, canada: history, ~clothing

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