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1820's-1830's Australian Bushrangers: Recs needed

Thank you all for indulging my fairly creepy little question last time. Now, for something completely different, and fairly sane and normal. I've had a plot bunny nibbling away at me, and I'm having a difficult time dealing with the research for it, as I can't get to the school databases over this semester.

So, basically, I'm planning a story loosely, and I mean very loosely, based on the story of Jack Donahue: ) My main character will have a similar situation, but I won't be using proper names or events. Google and wikipedia have helped me to find information on the original lyrics to The Wild Colonial Boy, some background information on Donahue himself, and a truly interesting site that devotes sections to Bushrangers as a whole, but I find myself looking for more information.

The period I'm specifically interested in is roughly the 1820's-1830's, based on the idea that I want to write about convict outlaws, most likely in Tasmania, as I've read that this is where the prisoners regarded to be most dangerous were sent. I've found some very good websites with information on those transported to Australia and I have a fairly good idea of what my main characters will be doing/have done to be taken there, so I'm okay as far as these things go, but any additional information that you think might be helpful would be excellent.

I've found this list of sources: to be a good starting point, but I'd be interested to learn which among them is the best to use for research purposes. I'd welcome recommendations for books/websites, etc. I've checked out the links in the wikipedia articles on Donahue, and on Bushrangers, as well as googling the following terms:

Australian Bushrangers, Bushrangers, Australia 1820-1830, Jack Donahue Australia

Thanks so much for the help last time. It gave me a lot to think about in terms of my story, which is always welcome, and thanks in advance for the help this time too!
Tags: 1820-1829, 1830-1839, australia: history

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