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drooping eyelid as mini-stroke or vascular dementia symptom?

So, here I am again, with the stroke symptoms...

Googled ("drooping eyelid", "drooping eyelid mini stroke", "drooping eyelid vascular dementia") and gone to a few medical sites like Medline, but found nothing specific.

Is it possible to have as a symptom an on-and-off drooping eyelid that's so slight it's practically unnoticeable? Lasts for a few days at the most. My character (mid-20's female, Asian, myopic, overweight, doesn't exercise, unhealthy diet, has PVC, is anxious, neurotic and has the occasional low mood brought on by self-pity and low self-esteem) wakes up with one eyelid feeling heavy, goes to the mirror and looks at herself closely. She notices that the eyelids aren't the same (the problem eyelid has more folds), and the problem is so slight,and her faith in her own judgement so low, she finds it difficult to think anything's wrong. I plan for her to have several of these incidents without her doing anything about it.
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