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chellejay (mojor)

undercover narcotics, profits, and rogue officer

location:  New York City, modern timeframe.

I need help in two areas if anyone has any information about how undercover narcotics officers work-

While an officer is working undercover long term (assume around a year) how would they be paid? Would their wages just continue to be deposited into their bank account?

And what would happen if it were suspected that they had "gone rogue"? Could there be a situation where they might try once to bring them in but failing that just stop paying them? I guess you could assume there would then be a warrant for their arrest but is there necessarily anything else that would happen? Especially if there were another officer still on the force that was trying to frame them or get them out of the picture?

And can anyone point me in the right direction to find out how much money an averagely successful 5 man operation in NYC drug importation/selling operation might make in a year- yeah, how long is a piece of string?! i know, but i have not even the vaguest of clues and you'd think it would be easy to google that but you put drugs into a search and get all sorts of rubbish.

thanks, all!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: new york: new york city, ~recreational drugs

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