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Edwardian fashion in rural England

Time: Late Edwardian era. Probably about 1908-ish.
Location: English countryside.
Searched: Edwardian fashion, Edwardian clothing, got lost on Wikipedia, checked the tags here and found a few decent sites.

To start, the above searches yielded quite a lot of information and photos, but it was pretty much all more to do with the upper classes. I'm looking for what would be worn by more simpler country folk during this time. Logic tells me that fashion must have changed a bit outside of the cities, but I can't seem to find anything of it outside of knowing that Sherlock Holmes would have only worn his deerstalker in the country.

This is for a comic, which is also creating a bit of an issue. It's fine and dandy to explain frocks and waistcoats, but there are some finer details that get missed in text, so ideally, I'm looking for photographs. Authentic or reproduction doesn't matter, so long as it's something I can look at and draw from.

I'm in need of both men's and women's clothing. One of my female characters is also pregnant, but I can't seem to work out whether they had any real maternity wear a century ago.

The comic is a bit fanciful -- sort of Wind in the Willows on crack -- so I'm willing to be a bit flexible in dating everything. Late Victorian through Early WWI era will also do, but I'd like to not stray to far away from the Edwardian era.
Tags: 1900-1909, uk: history (misc), ~clothing

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