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Courtesans and undetectable poisons in Ren. Italy

Yep, me again with more questions for my Assassin's Creed fic (same one featured in the previous question I asked). I started working on it again which means more research.

Situation: My character due to unfortunate circumstances ends up becoming an assassin posing as a Courtesan and is taken under the wing of an assassin/Madame of a brothel. Her whole duty is to gather information, and if it be necessary, get close to the target and kill them with stealthy means. Most notably poisons.

Question 1: While keeping up the facade of a Courtesan, what sort of mannerisms would she use, like flirting methods and advertising her wares so to speak, what sort of clothing would she wear?

Question 2: What kind of poisons would have been used in Renaissance Italy that would act quickly and quietly? Preferably something that could be slipped into food or drink.

I googled 'Life of a Courtesan in Renaissance Italy',  'Renaissance Italy Courtesan clothing'. I can't remember all the terms I used while doing poison research.
Tags: 1400-1499, 1500-1599, italy: history, ~clothing, ~medicine: poisoning, ~prostitution, ~renaissance

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