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Motorbike passenger laws, accidents and injuries.

Setting: modern day UK
Scenario: Adam is riding a motorbike with Charles as a passenger, preferably along an A-road or motorway. Adam isn't wearing his helmet, having given it to Charlie, and the bike isn't exactly designed to carry a passenger. They have an accident (possibly caused by a police chase, I haven't decided on that yet) that leads to Adam being killed and Charles being seriously injured.

Part 1: Is there any limit on how fast a motorcyclist can go with a passenger? Are motorbikes with passengers banned from going on the motorways or A-roads for safety reasons? And would cops pursue a motorcyclist that is breaking the laws as I've mentioned above, or would it be judged as too dangerous?

Search: "uk highway code" (not as helpful as one might think), "motorbike motorway riding", "motorbike passenger laws", "police motorbike pursuit"

Part 2: Adam hits his head on the road and is dead before the ambulance arrives. Would this be confirmed by the paramedics, or would they accept the police's word for it (as they'll be there before the ambulance whether I include a pursuit or not)?

Charles has a badly broken lower leg. The bone is sticking out of the skin in a couple of places. Is it likely to be only one of the lower leg bones (and which one if so), or both of them? He's wearing jeans at the time of the crash, if that is likely to affect the severity of the injury.

Because the crash takes place on either an A-road or a motorway, an air ambulance is called as well as a land ambulance. Is there likely to be a difference in strength between the painkillers carried by the two ambulances? I found a mention of air ambulances carrying ketamine, but I don't know if land ambulances carry the same. If air ambulances crew have stronger painkillers available to them, would the land ambulance crew wait for those if they know the air ambulance is coming?

How many people would it take to safely carry a stretcher with a thirteen-year old boy on, up an embankment, over a fence (a post and three horizontal bars type) and over a field?

Would surgery be needed to fix this sort of injury? How quickly would he need it to be able to walk again? Within hours, or could they leave it a day or two? I'm assuming that whatever is needed, it'd take several months to walk unaided again, yes?

Search: "motorbike accident leg", "air ambulance drug", "air ambulance painkillers", "ambulance painkillers"

Sorry if I've rambled or been unclear about anything.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~motorcycles

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