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I need to set some zombies on fire

Movie: Dead Snow
cremation, body disposal, burn murder, bride burning, 'burn a body', funeral pyre, how long does it take for a body to burn (yay Yahoo answers), fire, flame temperature, flammability

My MCs have found themselves in the middle of a minor zombie apocalypse, and they've just decided on extermination by fire. These guys need to burn.

What they want to do: about 40-50 zombies need to be chopped up, then burned to ashes quickly afterwards to ensure they stay down. Link above shows a few of them. These guys are fast, dexterous, semi-intelligent and not very decayed. They breathe and bleed, and unlive in a humid sub-zero environment.

What I can give them to achieve it: MCs have 3 working lighters, 50-ish litres of petrol (though if they use it, they're going to walk back to civilisation), enough various kinds of alcohol for 5 guys x 4 days, two cans of aerosol pesticide, a bottle of turpentine, a few WWII-era stick grenades which may or may not work, and a furnished wooden cottage with two small outhouses (their only shelter). Technically, they're in a forest, but they don't have time to go chopping for firewood.

Provided my guys have the experience and firepower to mow down large numbers of undead, is there any way this equation could result in a pile of charred zombie remains? How would you go about it? As far as I can see their main problems would be the temperature of the fire, and the fact that a human body is not very flammable and takes ages to burn (around two hours in a crematorium furnace), not to mention the stench of a burning pile of decaying bodies and the remaining zombies keeping them busy. But here is where it starts getting technical, and I just can't wrap my silly little head around the specifics of how those things are going to pose a problem, and what else can come up.

Note that their plan doesn't have to work. I just need to know exactly how it will fail.

ETA: Thanks, guys! It appears my zombie extermination strategy will involve a lot of trial, error, half-cooked angry zombies, and MCs blessing their home canon for being so generous with healing factors.

Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~fires, ~forensics: corpses, ~zombies

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