A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in little_details,
A Guy Named Goo


Okay, I tried Google and searching everything short of "flying monkey penguins purple" to answer these questions, and I got nothing. Perhaps someone could help?

1.) In 19th century French sanitariums (or when dealing with someone who is clearly mentally unstable while they are in a regular hospital) what kind of sedatives would be supplied to a patient? Searching for methods of psychiatric treatment in 19th century turned up the expected midieval torture devices so I wouldn't be surprised if "sedative" meant "beating the person into unconsciousness", but if there was something they gave the patients does anyone know what it is?

2.) What kind of narcotics would one have access to in Britain in the 1940s, if any? Would it be unusual for people to have access to drugs on the East End just after the Blitz? (The character doesn't actually take drugs, but is suspected of it, so I need the person accusing her to name a substance or two.) My searches just got the British Narcotics Anonymous and an interesting but not terribly informative essay on Canadian drug addicts who move to England.

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