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Race and "Prefects" in Norway

I'm writing a next-gen Harry Potter fanfic set at Durmstrang. I'm putting it in Norway specifically, and modeling all of its academic facets off Noway's system, but it's the main school for all of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Because home schooling is so common in the wizarding world and I imagine there are a handful of smaller, less prestigious schools throughout the continent, I'm only planning on having about 60 students per year at the school, with about 40 of those coming from Scandinavia, and the rest coming primarily from throughout Eastern Europe. So, a couple of questions:

1. Does Norway's school system have anything roughly (or even remotely) like prefects? I've tried reading the Wiki entry on the Norwegian school system and googling this question and the key words, but since I don't know any synonyms for "prefect," or even how to describe the position in just a few words, I'm getting a little stuck. If there aren't any, are there any other positions that single students (preferably one of each gender in each year, actually) could get to distinguish them from their peers?

2. What is the racial make-up at such a school likely to be? I've mostly been reading the CIA world fact book on this one, and it's looking like the school is going to be very, very white, but I thought I'd make sure. This is a next gen fic and I think I'm going to have Roxanne attending the school. She's definitely going to be the only (half-)black student in her year, but am I correct in thinking that she's probably going to be the only one in the school? Also, I was planning on having between two and six Asian (probably specifically Chinese or Mongolian?) students at the school, but I'm not sure which number would be closer to accurate. I'm leaning toward two. I was also contemplating having a Roma student or two, but I'm not sure if that's realistic even in a next-gen fic. What's really confusing me is all of the "others" I'm seeing in these statistics. Since they're ethnic and not racial, it's hard for me to figure out just from them what percentage of the "other" is going to be black and what percent is going to be, say, French.

3. On the subject of Roxanne's race... what's she going to be called (or, rather, what is the nearest translation to what she'll be called)? Googling various terms, I found that "African Norwegians" had a lot more hits than, say "black Norwegians", but after reading a couple of links I'm not sure if that term is only for immigrants from Africa, or if it would be used on anyone of African decent. Roxanne is also technically biracial. If she wished to be referred to as biracial and seen as such on documents, would people do so or would she probably find everyone (and any official documents she had to fill out) insisting on calling her African/black?

Thank you!
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