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Power inhibitors in the marvelverse

So I need some help from the Marvel fans in the crowd, as I find myself writing fanfic despite not being terribly widely read. One of my major plot points hinges upon taking away a certain character's powers, and so I've been trying to research the various methods of power inhibition; unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding a lot of info. So my questions are:

-What are the various methods for taking away powers? I know of at least two-- inhibitor collars and S.P.I.N. tech-- but are there any others? (I'm really more interested in technology that can do this rather than people who can take away powers-- but feel free to mention those too.)

-What are the limitations of these devices? Mutants only? They work on everyone?

-Are there any side effects to using them long-term?

-Has there been any mention of how much they cost, or how widely available/easy to get they are?

-Do they require preparation to use? (i.e., you can just snap them on, or like with SPIN tech, you have to have the person's DNA beforehand?)

-Power collars: do they come in different forms (like, say, handcuffs), or is it always a collar?

-Specifically in regards to SPIN tech, who knows about its existence? Is it super-secret or something everyone is aware of? Same question for the inhibitor collars, I guess. (I'm trying to figure out what my character's reaction is going to be upon coming in contact with these things. Right now I've got him having had experience with inhibitor collars-- he was in juvie for a while-- but not having ever heard of SPIN tech. Plausible? And how easy would it be for him to research/find out about it? I'm guessing Google isn't going to help. He's one of the Young Avengers, if that makes a difference.)

I'm sure I've forgotten some other vitally important questions, so please feel free to mention anything else you think might be helpful!

Search techniques:
So far, I have googled some combination of the following:

Marvel + "power dampener"; "power inhibitor"; "inhibitor collar"; "SPIN tech" + cost + availability, and other terms I've forgotten.

I've also read through the Marvel wiki articles, and also TVTropes. I've tried to get my hands on as many of the comics that mention them as possible, but this has not been terribly successful. (If you have copies-- I would probably kiss your feet.)

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