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Requirements/Rules for Coroner/Medical Examiners in North Dakota

Question: I'm writing a story where the protagonist is a M.E. serving as Assistant Coroner under an elected coroner, preferably in North Dakota, U.S. I'm trying to find the exact specifications necessary where the coroner could be an elected official with a contracted M.E. under him. I'm willing to make up a county, if need be.

Search: I searched Google for coroner requirements in the United States, medical examiner requirements in the United States, which led me to the website that stated "North Dakota requires that coroners be licensed physicians, but only in counties of more than 8,000 people." I tried looking up "North Dakota coroner" as well as looked up details in my forensics book, but the book doesn't become that specific state/county-wise. I checked out North Dakota official websites and haven't found anything yet. I also checked out the medicine: misc tag on this lj community but couldn't find anything.

The character in question is a licensed medical examiner, with his boss being a taxidermist/dentist who was elected into the coroner position. The county population is < 8,000. Thanks for any help.
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