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Injuries with regenerators

I have a few characters who are regenerators, able to heal a lot quicker then normal people are. However I would like to do this as realistically as possible, with some fudging allowed (as there are vampires and werewolves and dragons, oh my!). As my novel is in first-person and the character (a regenerator) gets injured quite frequently, it would probably be a good thing to figure out. The regeneration is a fairly high one, but not an ungodly one.

My questions are:

1) Currently I have heavy sleep and heavy eating after large injuries are healed, as well as naturally occurring chemical pain killers. I figure that the biggest problem there would be in the immediate mid-battle would be blood loss as well as damage to the lungs, heart, throat or brain, with injuries to most anything else ignorable until after the battle. Does this make sense? And what degree of injuries would be the most easy to keep fighting with and to what degree could a regenerator feasibly continue fighting with? And how easy and/or difficult would it be to continue fighting with these injuries? My main character would keep fighting on until they were made to stay down, so I want this limit to be feasible with both realism and regeneration put into play. 

2) Is there any sort of online database or book that goes over what sort of injuries do what sort of damage? For example, being shot in the shoulder makes it hard to _______. Preferably something without too graphic of images.

3) What sort of medical treatment (emergency mainly, but long term as well) would the character need? What would this be like for the person getting the treatments? Other then setting bones and the like to make sure they heal correct, would they do anything? 

4) How would things such as CPR work? If CPR cracks the ribs in order for it to reach the heart to keep pumping, how would that react with someone who can heal the cracked or broken ribs? Would they just keep breaking? Or make it very difficult to do CPR? 

Thank you in advance!
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