Scary White Girl (scarywhitegirl) wrote in little_details,
Scary White Girl

Looking for a Chinese name/word

Setting: modern day urban fantasy/super hero setting

Research: I tried a Google search for "Chinese female name meaning," but I didn't come up with anything appropriate, and I'm leery of just popping this into Babelfish.

I'm trying to name a minor secondary character for a short story I'm working on. The character is Chinese and she is a cat-human hybrid due to genetic modification.

I want her name to be something along the lines of cat, little cat, or kitty, with the implication of a female cat (not sure if gender is associated with nouns in Chinese). It is a self-given name, so no worries about her parents having done this to her from birth. And I'm not particular about Mandarin or Cantonese. I just need it in the transliterated form, because it's what English speaking characters will be calling her.

Thanks in advance! :)
Tags: ~languages: chinese, ~names

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