elmenora (elmenora) wrote in little_details,

Daily tasks of royalty

Hey, fellow detailers!

I am desperately in need of information about the day-to-day work of running a country.  The story in question involves an emperor and his children, in a realistic-fantasy setting (i.e. never really existed, but obeys the laws of physics and such).  The setting and culture are heavily influenced by ancient India and pre-islamic middle east, but I'll gladly mush in whatever I need to to make the plot run.  There has recently been a change of rulers (his dad died) and there's a civil war going on.  I need to figure out what he does himself, what he delegates to others, and what's completely beneath his notice.

Any info would be appreciated, especially if you could point me towards books/websites/etc. about how various ancient governments were run.  The more details the better.  Thanks in advance!
Tags: india: history, middle east: history, ~nobility (misc)

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