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joe buck rides again

walking long distance after getting concussed

Setting: 1944, woods somewhere near French/Swiss border

Terms searched for: looked up concussions on Wikipedia, Googled "walking after concussion", "concussion after-effects", "soldiers with concussions", browsed the "head injuries" tag on this comm, read the article titled "Concussions Occurring Among Our Soldiers Deployed to Iraq", also Googled "wwii field care concussion" and variations thereof.

Two of my characters were in a plane crash - the pilot was knocked unconscious, the rear gunner made disoriented/nauseated - and right now I've got them both concussed but I'm unclear on what sort of timeline would be ideal for side effects to start showing up. Now, I understand that it varies from person to person, but if there's a way to set this up as realistically as possible of course I want to do so.
They have to move away from the crash site, so as my story stands they've been walking for about half an hour before the rear gunner starts slurring/stumbling. Ostensibly the pilot has got more fortitude, but if his holding out for longer is just silly I need to know that! :)

I've also had trouble finding out what sort of field care, if any, would be administered during WWII by an American soldier for a suspected concussion. If it makes a difference, the American was there at the crash.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: usa: military: historical, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~world war ii

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