aka thelouringlady (iteari) wrote in little_details,
aka thelouringlady

Specific order and naming of a French nun and relations with priests

I'm writing a story revolving a young French nun around the High Middle Ages, she goes from France to England somehow, and I'm unsure what specific order my protagonist should be in as well as how the naming went on back then for nuns. I'm also curious if  priests often interacted with nuns since I have storyline involving a priest with my protagonist.

I've tried Googling up "middle age nuns," "medieval nuns." and "nuns in the medieval ages" and have turned up with only short summaries and whatnot. I've used "how nuns are named" and such, but I can find hardly any info on how they're even named nowadays, much less back then.

Any articles/resources I can find, guys?
Tags: 1200-1299, france: history, ~middle ages, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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