benaaronovitch (benaaronovitch) wrote in little_details,

Growing up in Enid, Oklahoma

I have a an important visiting character in a series, an FBI agent in her late twenties who grew up in or around Enid. She was born in 1983 to white parents, possibly farmers, I'd like her to be from the outskirts (possibly a farm) but to be educated in Enid. I've Googled and read up on the town and locations but I'm feeling that lack of local knowledge.

I don't want someone from the area reading the book and breaking their suspension because of something obvious so I'm looking for some specific answers...

Can she live just outside Enid and go to Enid High (and is it a good school)?
Where would your average Enid High student go to college after graduation?

Thanks in advance.

Tags: usa: oklahoma

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