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Poisoning pumas with methanol.

Steampunk/fantasy story. Dinner party going on.

My question concerns poisoning two big cats with methanol, but alas google does not have to seem much in the way of poisoning pumas. I've tried searching: methanol poisoning + animals, methanol poisoning time of death, how long does methanol take to work, poisoning big cats, and other similar searches. Not getting very far.

Character A wants to kill character B. The problem is, character B has two massive pumas for bodyguards (it's fantasy so they have human characteristic and can speak).

The dinner party the characters are attending runs from 6pm to midnight. Character A intends to poison the pumas early on and then kill B when B leaves to his room at about 10:30 (for a reason not relevant to the question). The pumas need to make it to the room with B and then die within the next hour or so, or at the very least be completely incapable of defending their master, so that when A enters they can do nothing to stop him murdering B.

If character A uses methanol on the pumas, how much would he need?
What would be the effects and when would they kick in? 
Is it possible that one would survive and the other would die? If so, how badly damaged would the survivor be, if the dose was intended to be fatal?

Thanks heaps.
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~medicine: poisoning

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