Kayt (kayt_arminta) wrote in little_details,

expensive alcoholic drinks

Question: I'm writing a story where they sit down and share a bottle of something together. I want this something to be very very rare and expensive and good, preferably the hard stuff, not wine.

Google searched: I don't even know what to put in, if anyone can give me a string I'll happily look it up myself.

The fact that it still exists or not or just in "It is said that this bottle is....", let's pretend it's possible. I know nothing about alcohol or I'd make something up myself.

Looked back a couple of months, and haven't seen anything even close to this, and couldn't figure out which tag might give me an answer.

Privately answered, Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac. Two mil a bottle and gorgeous to boot, it works perfectly, thank you oh person who wants to remain anon.
Tags: ~booze

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