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—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va.

California Highway Patrol call script

Hi all!

I have a segment in a story I'm writing where the main character sees a woman standing by the median of the 110 (the segment that runs between Los Angeles and Pasadena), then calls California Highway Patrol to alert them that she's there and to have them send someone to help her.*

What would the call script sound like? As in, what would the officers calltakers be trained to say, and what kind of information would they request?

Thanks in advance!

Googled: California Highway Patrol call, California Highway Patrol call script

* This is actually something that happened to me, and I recall dialing 911 and being redirected to California Highway Patrol, but I don't recall the details beyond that...
Tags: uk: government: law enforcement, usa: california

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