My Voice of Reason is Overcome by My Neurosis (draugwen) wrote in little_details,
My Voice of Reason is Overcome by My Neurosis

Laws in California Surrounding Trust and Inheritance

What would be the term for a house and/or inheritance that has yet to be acquired by the benefactor?

Specifically, if a man's parents were to hold his inherited house and estate under lock and key until he were engaged to be married, what would the legality of that be?

If it is relevant, the man and his parents are in Washington, the property and estate are in California.

EDIT: Yes, it is trust I am looking for, thank you very much. :) Are there any condition under which marriage could accelerate receiving a trust? For example, receiving his trust at 35, or in certain exceptions?
Tags: usa: california, usa: government (misc), ~inheritance

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