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Missing out on a long period of classes in US high school

Setting: Large city, New York, USA in 2005/2006.

Google terms searched: "going back to high school", "dropping out of high school", and different variations thereof. Unfortunately, the only info I found on going back to high school applied to people over 21. Also looked up a whole bunch of specific schools in the area to check their admission policies but I just ended up getting really lost. I'm from the Netherlands - my knowledge of the American educational system is slim to none.

I've been googling for days but I can't find the exact sort of thing I need - if an under-age student misses out on a long period of time in high school in the USA, particularly in the state of New York, what is usually the procedure for going back to school? In a story I'm working on the main character has to go underground to make sure he's not, you know, spectacularly assassinated. Because of this he can't attend school between September and March and misses most of his junior year. He is 16 when he leaves, 17 when he comes back. He was enrolled in a fairly large public high school.

I found a lot of information on dropping out, but this character doesn't as much drop out as miss classes due to circumstances. Would he be able to go back to school? Would his old school take him back or would he have to go somewhere else to get a high school diploma? I'm also wondering if there is any kind of test he would have to take before being allowed back, and/or if there are any sort of documents etc the school would ask him and his parents for. Does he have to go through admissions all over again? Is this even legal? He never quite officially drops out, the way I have it written now his parents spin a tale about a death in the family before falling completely off-radar, but I am not sure how realistic that would be. I realize this might very well vary from school to school, but it would be a major help if I could find out how at least one school handles this so I have a real-life basis!
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