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Gunshot wound to hip/leg?

I am writing a fanfic set in 1980's London(1983 to be precise). My main Character is a spy/agent and he needs to sustain an injury that puts him out of action for a long time, and has a long period of "trying" convalescence. It can be initially touch and go whether he lives, however he needs to be able to eventually return to active duty. I have thought about him being shot in the hip or leg but I have a few questions.

How likely is it that a shot to the leg would sever the femoral artery and cause death? (I don't want this to happen)
What would be the treatment plan for a shot in hip/leg and how long would recovery take? (Bearing in mind this is the 80's)
Would he need to use a wheelchair?
Would it affect walking permanently?
What complications would be involved, other than infections, if any?

Searches used; treatment of gunshot wounds, treatment/recovery of gunshot wounds in 70's, femoral artery severed in shooting.
I have also used this site to try and find out and while I have found good information, it is not as specific as I'd like.

Thank you in advance for any help given
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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