Zara-Jade (ravensnake) wrote in little_details,

Some Italian Translations

My MC is trying to impress his girlfriend by speaking some Italian. I want him trying to say something sexy or sweet but to mispronounce one or two words so that he ends up saying something weird/nonsensical, but nothing offensive or anything. Would anyone be able to give me some suggestions for this, both the correct and incorrect Italian and their respective translations?

Also, I have a few Italian phrases that I've gotten through Google translate. Not the most efficient translator, I know, but they were short enough that I felt it would do. Translating the Italian back to English gives me the same English I started with, but I'd like to just double check that they are correct.

Vaffanulo = Fuck you
Vuoi pranzo? = Do you want lunch?
This one I'm unsure of:
Insegnami Italiano = Teach me Italian.
The Italian is what Google gave me, but translating it back gives me "Teach Italian". I don't know if the 'me' is still implied or if it would need a word added/edited.
Tags: ~languages: italian
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