Annarti (annarti) wrote in little_details,

Native flowers by colour/region/season

Time period: medieval/ancient/fantasy/irrelevant
Location: fantasy world with flora/climates largely based on various Australian (temperate, mountains, desert, tropics) climates, South-East Asia and African savanna.

I'm looking for a decent native flowers database, especially looking at the regions I've named above, though in terms of tropical flowers I can probably go with anything I'm given. I'm especially looking for somewhere that'll give me maybe a map of where they grow natively, a rough guide to when they flower, and (long shot, I know) maybe even a way of finding all the red ones or all the blue ones.

Especially looking for ornamental flowers, but not particularly fussed at this stage. Native is vital. I'm not interested in roses and poppies, wattle and desert peas are far more interesting :D
Tags: australia (misc), ~plants

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