Anna (acm28) wrote in little_details,

Healing from a gunshot wound

I don't even know where to start searching for this. I've browsed this community, but couldn't find anything that fit what I need. Basically:

My female character fires a gun, it ricochets off something and hits her somewhere in the torso. She passes out, and due to various circumstances doesn't make it to a hospital until much later, and is kept alive with a combination of luck and science-fiction medicine until then.
It's now a few days later, and thanks to the science-fiction medicine she is alive and awake, though not in excellent shape (obviously). She is learning to become a doctor, and when her doctor comes in she tries to convince him that she is ready to leave.
What would she tell him? If they don't know about the other technology that saved her, what condition would they expect her to be in? What would she, with all her medical knowledge, say to convince them to let her leave? What would cause her doctors to keep her in the hospital?

The hospital is in Cardiff, Wales, if that makes a difference.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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