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Leg Amputation and Heavy Trees

 Okay... I'm not at all sure how I want this part of my story to happen, so this question is going to be a bit muddled and probably more generic than usual.  

I've done some research through Google, and found out quite a bit about leg amputations during medieval times.  So I don't need to know so much about that aspect of things.  But what I haven't been able to find answers to (mainly because I don't even know how to begin such a search, nor what key words to even use) is exactly what kind of situation might produce the need for amputation.  

The story is set in medieval Norway (late 1200s - early 1300s).  At this point of the story, my character has to lose a leg.  It can't be because of any kind of fighting or violence.  For the purposes of the story, it has to be because of a freak accident or an "act of God", so to speak.  I was thinking something like having a tree collapse on him during a storm.  So the first question is, is that realistic?  Do trees fall in such a way that a man might get pinned under them, and only lose one leg?  Secondly, the amputation occurs on the spot, so it has to be a heavy enough tree that three or four men wouldn't be able to move it.  So what are some of the heaviest trees in Norway?  

Like I said, stuff I can't think of how to approach in terms of Google research.  Appreciate any help that could be given in figuring this out.  Thanks!  

EDIT: One other thing I'm wondering about: I guess I'm having trouble understanding how a tree could fall on someone like that. Is it that you don't know which way it will fall? Couldn't you just look and see what direction it's going and just run at a right angle to that direction? I know that probably sounds stupid, but I just am having trouble understanding how exactly an event like that happens.
Tags: norway: history, ~medicine: historical, ~middle ages, ~plants

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