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Stab wounds in the shoulder: how serious?

This question has come about as a result of looking at the posts on both gunshot wounds and stab wounds in the shoulder. Most of the posts regarding getting shot in the shoulder point out that it's a very bad place to get shot, as there's a large artery and important nerves controlling the arm in that area. However, a number of the stabbing question posts had the shoulder suggested as a 'good' place to get stabbed without suffering terrible damage.

I'm suspecting that the stab answers are in the wrong here, but I wanted to make sure. Is getting stabbed in the shoulder less likely to cause nerve damage and excessive bleeding out than getting shot in the same area? Or is it about the same?

(And while I'm on the topic: does getting shot/stabbed in the back of the shoulder (from behind) carry the same risks? Or does that depend on how far the bullet/knife goes in?)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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