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Physics Laboratory Experiences

Hey guys, so I'm writing a short story about an undergraduate girl who takes an obsession with some artist guy while she goes through an existential crisis. She's a physics major, in her third year, and to add relevance to her character development, I'd like her to work for a physics professor in some of his work as an internship. This is set in relatively modern/current times.

Does anyone have any experience working for a physics professor in their undergraduate or graduate years? Did you do any experiments? What did you have to do during those times? What were some of the equipment around you and what did they do? Any insight to everyday activities is greatly welcomed (it doesn't have to be all that exciting), as are any cool stories you'd like to share. Also, were there other students working alongside you, or was it just you?

I tried googling things like "Physics internship experiences," "undergraduate physics experiments," and just plain "internship experiences," but all I get are internship opportunities and a couple of experiments designed for class, which I'm pretty sure professors aren't bothering themselves with.

Thanks in advance! I'm an astronomy major, so while I know (some) physics, I don't know what goes on in the lab. Haha.
Tags: ~science: physics

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