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Modern Monarchy and Education, Seconary and Unversity

First off, on a general basis, can anyone rec me good resources on the differences between American and British universities in general? I have found some good stuff on this but while I'm here I would like to find more, because both systems still confused the hell out of me. (Education in general confuses the hell out of me, which seems to defeat the point when you think about it...but anyway - resources?)

Secondly, yet more questions on that modern AU I mentioned earlier, concerning a modern AU of Merlin, with Prince of Wales Arthur and Prime Minister's son Merlin. This time, about colleges universties. Specifically, St. Andrew's, which if fanfic and Wikipedia are to be believed is the go-to college uni for members of the royal family. So it seemed obvious to send my own Prince Arthur along with the Prime Minister's son Merlin there. Would this be accurate enough or is this just a Not-That-Intelligent American viewpoint/stereotype developed from too much fiction and not enough reality? ETA: Apparently, it is. So basically, can you guys just let me know of any resources concerning any high-end college that a member of the royal family is likely to go to? (Particularly Oxford/Cambridge?)

If it is, then can anyone rec me any good blogs, fanfics, original fics, books, even movies, ect. on life at St. Andrew's? Googling it mostly leads me to various incarnations of the school's own website or college reviews which review it in a general sense but don't talk specifically what it's like to be a student in terms of traditions, events, and day-to-day life, i.e. they describe some sort of mass torture ritual tradition/initiation called Fresher's week? But not much on what it's like to actually be a student and go through it (though apparently Prince William, while he went to St. Andrew's, didn't participate in it...? Or am I completely off the mark, here?).

If it isn't, or if it's more of a "one of many" college than modern monarchy fiction implies, can you guys rec me similar resources for any of the other colleges for which attendance by the Prince of Wales and/or the Prime Minister's son seem plausible?

Same goes for secondary schools. Eton seems to be the go-to secondary school for the rich and famous. Would any other Public schools, or any other schools in general, be plausible or probable for my characters? There is no actual necessary reason for this on these two characters alone, but I'm still working on the background for some other characters so I'd like to keep my options open. Also, Eton is the school for boys - what would be the girl's equivalent, i.e. where would a young Morgana duchess go? ETA: Apparently the PM's son can't go to Eton for some reason...are there any plausible secondary schools where both the Prince and the PM's son can go together? Or am I just going to have to use a lot of artistic license and hope the fact that it's an AU will cover up the big holes? (It's an AU with magic in it so I can get away with quite a bit...)

Please and thank you for all your help! :D
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