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Touching Uterine Lining

Searches: endometrial lining, uterine lining, withdrawal bleeds birth control, prowling through the archives here, etc. I feel like I just had sex ed all over again.

My character: (human) female, early thirties, healthy aside from assault that put her in the hospital, been on birth control for years but missed the last five active pills (stress is preventing her withdrawal bleed)

The situation: character, hospitalized, on pain meds, and newly sporting telekinetic powers though she doesn't know it yet, is visualizing making her period come by 'peeling' the lining off the endometrial layer. This goes about as well as one might expect. 

(Blessed Cthulhu, dark lord of the internet, I beseech thee to look favorably upon my cut, so we may not all be driven to madness before our time.  Ia! Ia!)

If you were to touch the interior of a woman's uterus a few days before menstruation begins, what would the lining feel like? Could you force your fingers into it? What would that feel like to the fingers? (I'm imagining the uterus itself would be cramping horribly.) Would the lining 'peel' away from the uterus itself? Easily? With difficulty? For what it's worth, my character's visualization imagery starts out as the lining being similar to leathery jello with webs of capillaries throughout, and she's surprised when it feels more like... whatever unshed uterine lining actually feels like. Unless it really does feel like jello... ?
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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