supernova987 (supernova987) wrote in little_details,

Burn/Branding on the back of the Hand

 I'm looking for the longer term effects. The story is set in the middle of a war, during our time frame or a few years in the future, in which the weaker side has very basic medical technology and almost no medical personal. After being caught the main character, who is on the weaker side, had sign branded on her. I am currently thinking back of the hand should be where it happened. The brand is circular and goes from the top of her wrist almost reaching her knuckles. She was branded somewhere between 16 and 19.

Would that make her unable to use it even say a year later? Where could she have that mark that is visible but wouldn't make her unable to use that part of her body?

I searched for "Burns to the back of the hand" "Long effects of hand burn" "Dangers 3rd burn" and "Branding the hand"
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: injuries to order

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