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Coma patients memory

Firstly, the setting is a fan fic for the Dragon Age games. (Kings, assassins, warriors, mages, dragons kinda realm with no electricity or technology or anything for those unfamiliar).

I have already done some research (read: Googling) on coma patients and dreaming, so I know many people claim it is possible, and at least one person claimed it absolutely wasn't, but the general consensus was that it varies from person to person. My question is that assuming someone in a coma could hear snippets of the world around her, and did dream, and their dreams were influenced by what they could hear, is it plausible that for whatever reason they would not remember anything about the real world or who they were before fainting while they were in the coma? and under what circumstances could that happen? (The coma is caused by head trauma, if that helps.) I did already try to Google combinations of coma/dreams/memory but nothing came up on this issue specifically.

What I am trying to get is a situation where someone falls into a coma and someone else tells them stories which they hear while unconscious and these stories kinda shape their dreams so that while they are in the coma they remember nothing about the real world and their only remembered experience is these dreams, they are essentially unaware there is any world aside from this shadowy dream world and the adventures within which are spawned by the tales they are being told. Except sometimes they have wierd flashes of memories from the real world they can't make sense of.

Does that make sense? It made sense to me at first, but then I read up on dreams in comas and everyone seemed to dream about people they knew and stuff from their life, hinting that they remember at least a little about life-before-coma. Also I want this person to retain all their memories, save maybe the day of the trauma, if not immediately when they wake up, at least within a day. This doesn't have to be 100% proven to be totally possible as it is just a little scribbling but I don't want it to be so implausible that people won't accept the premise of the fic.

So, thoughts?

-edit- Thank you to everyone who replied, you were all wonderful and helpful. I do beleive I have a believable premise and some new ideas on how to play with it :P
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