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Packing a motorcycle, picking a gun for monster hunting, specialty ammo

Followup for my previous post here. Time: near future, place: US, research: futzed around a bit on camping-supply sites and looking at guns and ammo, followed the links I was given last post, and asked things here and here. Other than that, not sure where to look.

So. She's got a motorcycle, and may or may not have a trailer for it. I'm listing her probable equipment in 4 lists: A. things for the backpack/her immediate person, B. things for the motorcycle itself, C. things for the trailer, and D. things for the trailer that I might not include if it means she wouldn't need the trailer. The goal is to have everything she absolutely needs in order to survive camping in the rough, and enough to be reasonably comfortable in "iffy" accommodations (somebody's barn, an abandoned cabin, a horrible fleabag motel), as well as all the equipment she needs for poking holes in horrible beasties, in as small a package as is practical. If she knows she's going to be, for example, camping in the boonies for a few days, she'll move the necessary items to her backpack or whatever, but likely leave them set up at a campsite when she actually goes hunting.

In terms of packing, the idea is, the trailer will have things she can survive without and replace with reasonable ease, since she might have to leave it behind to do something fiddly (like go off-road), and it's possible she wouldn't be able to get back to it. The motorcycle will have anything she might need for in-the-next-hour survival or that's moderately irreplaceable, she's unlikely to leave it far behind if she can *possibly* avoid it. And the backpack will have anything she's likely to need for in-the-next-5-minutes survival or flat-out can't replace. Please let me know anything that you think should be bumped in any direction, or added to the list.

Motorcycle leathers, boots, helmet (may be left with the cycle when hunting), gloves
Primary long gun(s), primary handgun, sword, at least one combat knife, 20 or so rounds of regular ammo, a few each of any specialty rounds
Her relics (game-specific magic items, maybe 1/2 lb of Random Crap)
A box of waterproofed matches, a pocket knife, a space blanket, a tarp, a bandanna, a squeeze-to-charge flashlight, 1 pair of spare socks, a tiny bit of (well sealed) food, a bottle of water
Her cell phone, her wallet, any flash drives

Proper first aid kit, soap, water
Small tent, sleeping bag, another tarp, a few more bandannas, a folding stove, a little can of sterno, a day's worth of nonperishable food that doesn't need much prep, a few pairs of spare socks, a spare shirt, a fire striker, a very small pot, a water filter, rain gear
A spare/special purpose gun, enough ammo for several heated exchanges, several throwing/combat knives
Her (small, but not netbook) laptop, a car cell phone charger, a car charger for her laptop
Basic motorcycle tool kit, enough to get her machine limping back to town if broken
Duct tape, rope, paper, pen, fishing line

Standard toiletry items--soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, et cetera
Sewing kit, pillow, camping mess kit (pan, cup, silverware...), more duct tape, a shovel, a hatchet, toilet paper, more bandanas, a towel, more rope, climbing spikes, machete, bug repellent, whetstone, "bear bag", sleeping bag liner
Bullet making/reloading equipment and supplies as needed for funny ammo, a reasonable stock of regular ammo, a reasonable stock of funny ammo, possibly more boomsticks/knives
Most of her food, in something odor-proof in case of bears--enough for a week
Spare gas, spare water, road flares
Spare clothes, including spare boots, at least one set of nice "civilian" clothes, with dressy shoes, several tacky tourist t-shirts, and a spare pair of leather pants
Spare battery for her laptop and cell phone, regular chargers for laptop and cellphone, mouse, ethernet cable, phone cable, plug adapter
Motorcycle cover and/or another tarp
Air mattress
Ziplock bags, and/or other plastic bags

Conditioner, mouthwash, laundry detergent
A few sets of nice/casual clothes, and another spare pair of pants
Paperback book, solar-powered radio, folding camp chair, small folding camp table, small bag of charcoal
More ammo? More boomsticks/pointy things?

All bags will be as waterproof as practical, and anything water-sensitive will be in a ziplock bag. Anything temperature-sensitive (hot or cold) will be in an *insulated* bag.

Anything important I've forgotten or misplaced?

Now, optimally, she'd have every kind of weapon she could possibly want. Except that would get ridiculously unwieldy, and she has limited space and finite funds. So I'm thinking she probably has 1 main rifle, 1 main shotgun, 1 or 2 main handguns, her sword, a (silver-plated) combat knife, a few good throwing knives (some silver-plated), a backup longarm, a backup pistol, and possibly 1 or 2 "specialist" guns. Her sword is, for character-relevant reasons, most likely a (fairly straight) saber.

Given that she will be killing things ranging from "human-like" to "like a bear, only tougher" to "hard to kill, but severe or fatal weakness to silver/iron/salt/etc" to "horrible, nigh-unkillable monstrosity" (she may... run from those, unless I can give her adequate magical backup), what would *you* pick, if you were choosing weapons for her? If you give me a brand/caliber/technical term, please also include the I-have-never-seen-a-real-live-gun-before level description (eg "a powerful handgun with a 6-shot cartridge", "a very accurate sniper rifle, though it can only shoot small bullets", "It's arranged with the grip under the barrel, so that the gun is shorter", etc.)

Would some kind of combination gun be a good and useful thing, or are they kind of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none tradeoff? If it's that, what are their weaknesses? I may be able to get a relic gun for her (ie powerful magic gun), and if the flaws of a combination gun are things I'd want to relic out of a regular gun anyways...

Some of the things that Our Heroine may be fighting are sensitive to various substances. The ones I know about are silver, salt, and iron. This means that, whether she makes them herself or buys them from some eccentric supplier, she's going to need some... odd ammunition.

Iron I have pretty well covered, there are iron and/or steel commercially available rounds of various sorts. I know you can pack a shotgun shell with salt, and I think there are even shotgun-type pistol rounds that you could fill with salt. Silver is rather more fiddly. I'm thinking my best bet there may be a shotgun slug with, let's say, a 50% silver/50% lead alloy (I'd like it to be at least half silver), though I might also do silver shrapnel of some sort, or try to silver-tip a hollowpoint bullet. In any case, I want the ability to pierce the hide of at *least* a bear. Any thoughts?

I also had vague thoughts of doing some kind of "combination" shell, for the likely sensitivities, but I don't know if that would work at all. The thought was to pack the shot cup with a mixture of silver shot and iron shot, then fill the excess space with salt. Would that even *work*? If so, should the silver be smaller or larger than the iron, or what? What other properties would it need?

And if you have any other advice, or think I'm ignoring something important, please tell me that, too.
(I... may be overthinking this just the *teeniest* bit)
Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my, ~weapons: firearms, ~weapons: swords, ~wilderness survival

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