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falling from a tree house

Two teenagers are visiting a tree house they built/ played in when they were young. One of them gets upset and pushes the other off the top step.

Setting: modern day small town in Ohio. The tree is in the forest near their houses.

My questions:

1. What kind of injuries could he sustain and how severe would they be? I'm mostly looking for ideas here, because the guy will get good care. I'm not sure how tall the tree is (average height I suppose), but I would guess the tree house is probably only about 15' off the ground (not sure about that either, I'm pretty awful with visualizing height xD ). The guy is 17, about 6'3" and muscular.

2. How many able-bodied men would it take to build said tree house in the first place? I want them to finish it fairly quickly, say in like 2 weeks. How much help could two 7 year old boys be?

3. What might the tree house look like? I think it's just a little one room shed, nothing fancy, but again, looking for unique ideas, like a chair nailed higher in the tree as a crow's nest.

4. The tree house is made out of plywood, scraps and packing crates, definitely not high end stuff. How well would this stand up to 10 years of Ohio weather? Is there any way it would still be in good condition?

Terms googled: tree house, fall from tree house, how high is a tree house, build a tree house. I went through the tags here.
Tags: usa: ohio, ~architecture, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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