amaranthine_7 (amaranthine_7) wrote in little_details,

Meaning of the word "Reardan"


While looking for a name for one of my character, a friend of mine suggested "Reardan" directing me to a baby names kind of websites. There they said it means "royal poet/bard" and that the origin of the name was Celtic/Irish. All of this would fit my character quite well, though I would like to be sure of the meaning of the name because I really don't think I can trust a baby names site that much.

Between a few weeks ago when I found this name and now, I did some research on Google typing in "Reardan meaning" or "Irish dictionary" "Celtic words" and other variations like that, but I was unable to find anything helpful. I also checked at my local public library if they had any books that could help me, they didn't.

So I was hoping someone around here might be able to help me and tell me if "Reardan" really means "royal poet/bard" in Irish, or if the baby name site got it all wrong.

Tags: ~languages: celtic, ~names

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