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"teenage" "runaway" custody legalities + misc.

1. I've googled "runaway education" and "unaccompanied homeless youth". This site was helpful, but didn't have exactly the information I was looking for, as the friend is neither family nor someone who was close to the nonexistent family.

X has been deaged to somewhere between 14 and 16 and placed in an alternate reality, where it is a few years ago (two thousand and something) in Chicago.  He works out a deal for as-real-as-it's-possible-for-fake-ID-to-get fake ID, which probably comes complete with dead paper parents, but that still leaves him as a "minor" with all the related complications.  The paperwork probably makes it look like he disappeared after his parents' deaths and slipped through the cracks of social services.

As I understand it, he'd have to be 16 to be emancipated, and it's illegal for a friend to let him stay at their place for more than 48 hours without notifying DCFS. X always expects for things to go wrong, so he plans for that as much as possible, which in this case means following as many legalities as he can while, you know, not being treated as a kid by anybody he lives with, and also not getting his friends in trouble, so he really needs to get a guardian he can stand and get enrolled in school.  If he has an adult friend who is willing to be his guardian (neither one of them would be comfortable with adoption), can they go to DCFS and work it out somehow, or would the social worker's mental alarms be triggered (thinking that the friend was/was planning to exploit X) enough that they wouldn't be able to work something out? X has at least some symptoms of PTSD, which might make it look like abuse is involved somewhere. X will not stay anywhere other than his friend's place or someplace of his own, and will say so if it looks at all likely that the social worker wants to place him anywhere else.

2. How much does a male grow between age 14-16 and whenever he stops growing?  Specifically, when X is deaged, will he need to buy a new wardrobe? If yes, would it be more a matter of style or a matter of his clothes literally falling off of him?

3. As a supernatural hunter, I figure that the handgun he uses most often would be one where the bullets are more likely to remain in the target being than go through, for reactions to the materials the bullets are made out of.  That's smaller caliber, right? Or some kind of special bullets (aside from the materials they're made of)? Would silver/iron bullets penetrate the same way as normal bullets, all else being equal, or would his organization have had to fiddle with something to make it work right? What specific model of handgun would be best for his purposes?

4. And for the extremely random finish-up question, help me double-check my math: if Brazil is 8,514,877 km2, and the world's oceans are 361×106 km2, with an average depth of 3,790 m and volume of 1.3 billion km3, if Brazil suddenly dropped (on average) to the average depth of the ocean floor, the ocean would then be only 3,518 meters deep...oh, just thought of the fact that the area would shrink. Somewhere between 3,518 and 3,790 m deep.  Right? ...I think I should leave contemplation of all of the changes that would make to the world for another day, though. Just the math for today.

Believe it or not, all the same verse. Even the last one.

Tags: brazil (misc), ~catastrophes, ~custody & social services, ~medicine (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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