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Equipment and supplies for traveling around killing monsters (inc. ammo questions)

Time: nearish future, maybe 15 years from now. Place: continental US, possibly also Canada and/or Mexico. Our Heroine does have a passport, if that's relevant.
Searches: honestly, wasn't really sure what *to* search for this one...

Our Heroine (my future roleplaying character) is 19, in good health, and traveling around the country on a motorcycle, killing evil things/monsters/beasties/Titanspawn. Other than things obtained and discarded locally, everything she has has to fit into the plausible carrying capacity of a motorcycle and (probably) a small motorcycle trailer. But I'm not sure what the likely set of stuff would be. My guesses below... please confirm, negate, or add additional suggestions...

The motorcycle, obviously, and immediate accompaniments--helmet, trailer, motorcycle leathers.
Spare clothes--several extra sets of shirts/undies/socks, one spare pair of pants, maybe a spare pair of shoes/boots.

A sword, likely a saber
Throwing knives, some silver-plated

A shotgun, and ammo, including (likely hand-loaded) exotic rounds such as silver, salt, and possibly various herbs or similar substances. Not sure if it's worthwhile for her to have shell reloading equipment, a la this page, or even a proper reloading press, or if she should just hand-reload conventional ammo a la this page. At least some of her ammo, possibly including some of the "exotics", would be slugs rather than shells, and I don't know if those are any harder to hand make/reload than conventional shot shells.

Minimal camping equipment--a tarp, a blanket or sleeping bag, matches or a lighter, water, and some low-prep nonperishable food. She'll mostly sleep in hotels and the like, or at least actual buildings, but better safe than sorry...

Any random magical goodies she has from her father (a god, the game is Scion, he's the head of the Hawaiian pantheon), and/or any other special goodies she's picked up

Standard toiletry/hygiene supplies--deodorant, comb, toothbrush and paste, soap, washcloth, towel, likely a roll of TP. Maybe shampoo, but she probably wouldn't wash her hair without benefit of an actual shower/bath, and there's usually shampoo in hotels and such.

Laptop computer (for communication and research)
Cash or cash-equivalents
First aid kit
Tool kit for basic motorcycle maintenance

Anything else you'd have, if you were her?
Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my, ~weapons (misc), ~weapons: firearms, ~weapons: swords, ~wilderness survival
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