Jacquzy (jacquzy) wrote in little_details,

WW2 Fighter Pilot Uniforms

I am looking for images of both US and German WWII Fighter Pilot uniforms, and though I have found a large number of photos and drawings, I am often unable to tell what rank the man inside the uniform would be.

     a) a first lieutenant in the US air force
     b) a first lieutenant (or equivalent - I believe it's an Oberleutnant?) in the Luftwaffe
     and c) a captain in the US air force

I have searched all over the internet, using Google and Wikipedia, as well as sites specifically geared towards the military history of WWII, and I keep coming up with the same sort of vague answers - I really need to know for sure what sort of clothing these pilots would be wearing. I have plenty of images of what they would wear in the plane (goggles and life-jackets, etc), but I really do need some good photos or drawings of the actual uniforms of men of these ranks.

Many thanks!
Tags: 1940-1949, germany: history, germany: military, usa: history: world war ii, usa: military: historical, ~world war ii

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