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physical symptoms of vascular dementia

Research: sites like Mayo Clinic, helpguide, medline, and

Modern-day setting. My character's a 20-something woman who's overweight, leads an inactive lifestyle, doesn't eat well, and is neurotic, brooding and perpetually stressed (same character I posted about some time ago). I'm playing with the idea of her having vascular (multi-infarct) dementia, except that the symptoms as discussed in the sites I visited were too vague.

I understand that vascular dementia symptoms are supposed to be subtle - does this mean they're really just "mild" versions of stroke symptoms? If, for example, in a stroke one side of the lower lip hangs down, does it hang down just a little bit in a mild vascular dementia stroke? Would you still be able to smile and move your lips when you make faces as if nothing's wrong?
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