Witch-of-November (witchofnovember) wrote in little_details,

How to get out of a damaged plane without going smoosh.

Chronicles of Riddick Fanfic

Some point five or six hundred years in the future.
Random habitable planet
Googled: High altitude skydiving, parachuting, ejection seats, tandem skydiving, emergency parachuting, bail out of planes.

Riddick and an original character have stolen a military craft but they are attacked and the craft damaged before they can leave the atmosphere. I am going with parachutes on the theory that they are a very simple machine and are less likely to fail than hover boots or antigrav escape pods or something like that.

So I have one experienced skydiver and one virgin. Since OC has never jumped out of an aircraft, Riddick hooks her into his harness to bail out.
What would give the best chance of survival, jumping out a hatch or ejecting?
How high can you jump from without special equipment or preparation?
If the harnesses aren't designed for tandem jumping would fastening one under the other work?
Are they both dead and I should try something else?

Thank you
Tags: ~aviation

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