Mackinzie (mackinzie) wrote in little_details,

Effects of Someone in a Medically Induced Coma with Nothing Wrong?

I have a character who I intend on having a bad guy put in a medically induced coma for purposes of the plot.

After doing some research I know what is used to put her in the coma (barbiturates) and what it does (slows down blood pressure to reduce brain swelling) and etc, but the question is...if she's perfectly fine, no brain swelling, what effect would this on her as far as side effects? Would it make her blood pressure bottom out?

The coma would last roughly a day or so.

I also intend on having her developing respiratory distress and needing to have a tube put down her throat when she stops breathing as a result of having a psychic link with the bad guy, who's also in a coma (this one real). As his health declines, so does hers.

Will the barbiturates make it harder for someone to resuscitate her?

Tags: ~medicine: coma
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