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Average age of child birth etc. in the Victorian Era

So I have a character that was displaced from time when he was 25 in 1873 which means he was born in 1848. He is a scholarly character that is a second generation (subject to change) Canadian (United Providence of Canada). I am currently trying to fine tune his ancestry. He has a very English name but his surname in Moraeu so I wanted his British Grandmother to have either married a French Canadian or a French man and then move to Canada. So he would have relatives in England and France that it would be feasible for him to be in touch with/able to visit. I wanted him to be the fourth child out of five, since I read that in 1800 the birth rate was 7 children and by 1900 it was 3.5 children (I realise that not all the children would have survived, but they wouldn't neccessarily all have died either). So I am trying to figure out how old his parents would have been when his mom gave birth to him and then the ages of his paternal grandparents were when they gave birth (roughly) I’m trying to figure out if I’d be talking New France, Providence of Quebec or Upper or Lower Canada. That way, I can decide whether the paternal relative was already in Canada or not. It will also help me fine tune his character. Since even though the story is set in 2011 he was time displaced and would still have this Victorian air and connections to family history fresh in his mind as if it happened yesterday and not 138 years ago. I had found titles of many useful books but I live in a small town and cannot find them online for free or at the library. And I cannot get google to give me and dates, ages, etc.

So does anyone have any ideas?

Also any ideas on the French vs French man living in Canada ancester which one would be more likely to occur?

Tags: 1840-1849, canada: history

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